Municipality of Burgas - Public-Private Partnerships portal

Project description

“Establishment and strengthening of a successful mechanism for public- private partnerships in Burgas Municipality and the South east planning region”


15 months (10.02.2009 - 10.05.2010)


Burgas Municipality

Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works



Main objective

The administration (central and municipal) to become a real and effective partner of business through the establishment and implementation of clear, transparent and accessible rules for the implementation of PPP in Burgas Municipality.

Specific objective

Establishment of conditions for increasing the effectiveness of used public resources, through the implementation of PPP in urban and technical infrastructure.

Establishment of clear rules, practical model and exact and pragmatic mechanism for the process of implementation of PPP in Burgas Municipality and the municipalities of the South east Planning Region.

Increasing the awareness and introducing successful European practice in the work of municipal administration in the implementation of PPP.

Expected results

·         Promoting good European and Bulgarian practices in PPP among the central and municipal administrations and business in South East Planning Region;

·         Improving the administrative capacity of the administration to select, analyze, structure, prepare, monitor and evaluate projects, through PPP schemes;

·         Study of European experience for the implementation of PPP in urban and technical infrastructure;

·         Clarifying the socially effective services for citizens and preferred types of PPP by business and investors;

·         Creating a “map” of sites and services appropriate for PPP in Burgas Municipality;

·         Creating a pilot model for PPP based on concrete analyses, an algorithm for its implementation and standardized documents for the implementation of PPP in Burgas Municipality.

·         Forming a structure of PPP as an instrument for better administration of public services.

·         Preparation and agreement on procedural rules for PPP in Burgas Municipality.

·         Create skills for drawing and effective use of resources to support local economic development from national and international resources.

·         Developed and published PPP rubric in Bulgarian and English on the portal of Burgas Municipality.


Activity 1: Forming a project team and project management.

Activity 2: Preparation and implementation of tender procedures.

Activity 3: Establishment of a Working group for the preparation and the acceptance of a mechanism for PPP

Activity 4: Analysis of European legislation and practices in the area of PPP

Activity 5: Study of existing developed documents (guidance, rules, regulations) and analyzes of good bulgarian practices in the area if PPP.

Activity 6: Analysis of public services, sectors and sites on the territory of Burgas Municipality appropriate for PPP.

 Activity 7: Sociological study of the opinion of the citizens of Burgas and the different stakeholders for the priority public services.

Activity 8: Work meeting in an EU country to study best practices in the area of PPP.

 Activity 9: An international conference for presenting the results from the analyses from the previous activities in fron of all stakeholders.

Activity 10: Creating standardized documents and rules for PPP in Burgas Municipality.

Activity 11: Preparation of a pilot model for PPP mechanism and concrete steps for its implementation.

Activity 12: Training of municipal and central administration representatives for implementation of PPP mechanism.

Activity 13: Creating a web page.

Activity 14: Audit of the project.

Activity 15: Publicity.