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Атанасовско езеро
Presentation of the project

The project envisages the establishment of a balneology holiday zone with well-developed park environment and facilities for the practicing of sport, mud and lye treatment and attractions as a natural extension to the Sea Garden in the Atanassovsko Lake area.

The lake is located 4 kilometres to the northeast of Burgas, measures 9.5 kilometres in length and 4.2 kilometres in width and is a shallow extra salty lagoon, connected with the surrounding salty swamps. The north part is a natural reserve, while the south is a buffer zone. The terrain is municipal property. It is crossed by the Burgas-Pomorie railroad track, while the roadway connecting Burgas and Varna is on a dry land strip crossing the lake.

There is a possibility to relocate or shorten the railway infrastructure or to transform it into a city tourist and attraction train. The construction of a train station and bridge connection to the sea has also been planned. An alley, equipped with birdwatching observatories, central viewpoint ground and connection with the alley network of the Ecologic and Educational Centre for Horse Riding in Ezero park, will be constructed along the shore of the lake.

Further information

A detailed site development plan (DSDP) – zoning and development plan (ZDP) of the territory closed between the sea shore and south Atanassovsko Lake, to the south of the Chernomorski Solnitzi AD, Burgas area, has already been prepared.

The DSDP has been approved by the Municipal Council of Burgas by virtue of Decision N11 of 07.10.2008. The plan differentiates seven zoned properties (ZPs), intended for holiday activities and services, with planned maximum construction height of 7.5 metres over the whole surface of a terrain of 9 hectares municipal property.

Investment opportunities

The investment opportunities are related to the construction of a balneology resort zone, park environment, sports, healing and attraction facilities, city tourist and attraction train, shore alley, cycling alley, central viewpoint ground and birdwatching observatories.

Indicative value

The determination of the accurate project value requires the conduction of feasibility study and investment project.

Appropriate PPP models

Lease contract

Design-operate contract

Finance-build-operate-transfer contract


Акве калиде

of the project

The project corresponds to the policy of Burgas Municipality, related to the formulation of unified concept for the development of tourism. The purpose of this project is to transform the Burgas Baths, located 15 kilometres to the northwest of Burgas in the village of Vetren, whose current utilization can be described as not enough adequate, into a zone for daily and weekly holiday making. The expansion of the resort area is envisaged together with the rehabilitation of the existing sports facilities and swimming pool and construction of a sanatorium for disadvantaged children, as well as renovation and reconstruction of the recreation zone, comprising of swimming pool, sports facilities and information centre. The municipality envisages the restoration and preservation of and provision of access for citizens and visitors to the discovered pre-Romanic archaeological remains.


The main cultural site is the well-known in the past town of Aque Kalide–Thermopolis, founded in the beginning of II century by the Roman Emperor Trajan near the famous antique Temple of the Three Nymphs – protectors of healing springs.

On the same spot were constructed the famous imperor’s bath and termites, which survived the Barbarian raids of ІV-VІІ centuries and continued to function during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom until the beginning of ХІІІ century. The overall surface of the explored terrain is about 3,800 m2, while the maximum achieved depth, at the bottom of the antique pools, is 6.3 metres. The central bath hall, including two rectangular pools with common surface area of 220 m2, hypocaust heating system, constructed of special clay pipes, antique reservoir of two hot springs, cold water reservoir and 8 rooms in the eastern wing of the complex, has been uncovered.

The project further envisages restructuring, rehabilitation and acquisition of new terrains in order to establish conditions for the development of tourism in all of its directions: holiday,  balneology and cultural.

  • renovation and reconstruction of the recreation zone, including pool and sports facilities;
  • restoration and preservation of archaeological and historic monuments and establishment of information centre.

The determination of accurate project value requires the conduction of feasibility study and investment project. Expected project value is around 5 millions leva.

модели на ПЧП

Concession (of already existing facilities)

Design-operate contract (of new facilities)

Finance-build-operate-transfer contract (of new facilities)


о-в Света Анастасия
of the project

The purpose of this project is to make the island of Sveta Anastasia an attractive tourist destination. The island was granted the status of natural and archaeological reserve in 2001.

The plans for the development of the island include rehabilitation of the existing infrastructure – quay, church, monastery, and construction of a museum. The reconstruction of the  ship-anchoring facilities for facilitating the access of tourists and visitors has also been planned. The reconstructed buildings will be used for providing various services and entertainment to tourists in accordance with a preliminary agreement


At the moment the territory is still state-owned but Burgas Municipality has applied before the state in order to transfer the management to the local authorities.


The investment opportunities under this project include:

  • rehabilitation of existing infrastructure – quay, church, monastery;
  • construction of a museum;
  • reconstruction of ship-anchoring facilities;
  • provision of various types of entertainment and catering services to tourists.

20 million leva

PPP models


Finance-build-operate-transfer contract


Presentation of the project

The project envisages the construction of a visitors’ information centre in the protected area of Bakarlaka, as well as cleaning and rehabilitation of polluted territories and measures for the preservation of species in the protected area and construction of visitor’s infrastructure.

Further plans also include the carrying out of evaluation and analysis of the ownership status over Rossenetz Park for the preparation of a new detailed site development plan (DSDP) of the park in accordance with art. 62 of the Territory Structure Act.

The specific activities/services include: identification of new recreation areas, connected by means of walking and cycling alleys and equipped with pavilions, fire places, children’s cradles, climbing frames, slides, eco toilets and appropriate rubbish containers, and allocation of appropriate sites for doctor’s
offices, tourist attractions and parking areas.

Further information

The part of the protected area (PA), situated on the territory of Burgas Municipality and subject to this project, also includes Rossenetz Park and a terrain belonging to Kraimorie district. The area is part of the NATURA 2000 ecology network in line with Directive 79/409 for the protection of wild birds but also includes the protected area indicated in Directove 92/43 related to habitats. It was approved by virtue of Decree of the Council of Ministers 802 of 4 December 2007, published in State Gazette, issue 107 of 18 December 2007.

There is a need for carrying out an analysis of the most appropriate form of financing in view of the investment and operational value of the project, possibility for investment returns and its time sustainability.

Investment opportunities

The implementation of the project allows for the establishment of public-private partnerships with the following investment opportunities:

  • construction of visitors’ information centre Bakarlaka (building and installation works);
  • cleaning and rehabilitation of the polluted areas and species protection measures in PA Bakarlaka;
  • construction of new recreation areas including walking and cycling alleys, pavilions, fire places, children’s cradles, climbing frames, slides, eco toilets, appropriate rubbish containers;
  • construction of doctor’s offices area;
  • construction of bicycle and rickshaw rent spot;
  • construction of attraction train waiting spot;
  • construction of cars and buses parking area;
  • rehabilitation of the road infrastructure;
  • rehabilitation of the park lightening system;
  • design and construction of mini golf coarse, basketball court and mini goal football field.
Indicative value

913,500 leva.

Appropriate PPP models

Design-operate contract

Finance-build-operate-transfer contract