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Super Burgas


Presentationof the project  The project envisages the construction of a public access zone (PAZ) in the city part, encompassing the sea, railway and bus stations, and aims to turn Burgas into a logistics and transport centre and integral unit of the trans-European transport corridors through the creation of favourable conditions for the competitivenessof sea port services, beneficial terms and infrastructure for the developmentof tourism, expansion of the park and industrial terrains on the municipalterritory, provision of balanced development and cooperation betweensea port areas and urban zones and raising the number, type and quality ofprovided services - custom's, border, agent, broker, courier, postal, financial,cultural and entertainment, taking into account the environmental impact. 
The sites, planned for construction, within the framework of the port infrastructureinclude:
• terminal 2А and new eastern pier at Burgas Seaport;
• passenger terminal with business centre at port Burgas-East;
• terminal 1 as extension of Burgas Seaport;
• container terminal 4 at Burgas Seaport;
• new infrastructure at port terminal Rossenetz-Burgas.The planned public access zone is a group of investment projects, put togetherinto a concept, which comprises public interests to the full and includes:
stage 1 - development of architectural concept design of the entire PAZ;stage 2 - development of working development design of each part of theterritory and securing communication connections between them;stage 3 - implementation  and realisation of all activities related to the constructionof the separate project parts; 
stage 1 - transformation of the CCA into a tourist and recreation zone and itsfunctional binding with PAZ Burgas;stage 2 - restructuring of the transport infrastructure in the CCA and redirectingthe traffic along detour roads;stage 3 - restructuring the CCA to meet the aesthetic and functional expectationsof the public.  
Further information The realisation of the PAZ project will guarantee the completion of the activitiesfor the expansion and modernisation of Burgas Seaport in accordance withthe latest updates to the port general plan.The project will secure a connection with Trakia Motorway - transport junction"Western entry of the Port Complex", measuring 2,000 metres in length. 
Investment opportunities The construction of the port infrastructure sites within Super Burgas allowsfor the establishment of public-private partnerships with the following investmentopportunities:
• the construction of terminal 2А of Burgas Seaport and new eastern pierenvisages the participation of the private partner as concession for port servicesand that of the public as external loan funding, maintenance of theleading infrastructure, aquatory and navigation facilities and general infrastructureupkeep;
• the construction of the passenger terminal with business centre at port Burgas-East envisages the participation of the private partner as vote concession and that of the public as maintenance of the leading infrastructure,aquatory and navigation facilities, development of technical projectand joint construction of the business centre and attraction and recreation zone;
• the construction of terminal 1 as expansion of Burgas Seaport envisages the participation of the private partner as concession for port services and vote concession for the expansion and that of the public as maintenance of the leading infrastructure, aquatory and navigation facilities, down ward expansion of the leading infrastructure and general infrastructure upkeep;
• the construction of container terminal 4 at Burgas Seaport envisages the participation of the private partner as vote concession for port ser-vices and that of thepublic as external loanfunding, maintenanceof the leading infrastructure,aquatory andnavigation facilities andgeneral infrastructure upkeep;
• the rehabilitation and building of new infrastructure at port terminal Rossenetz-Burgas envisages the participationof the privatepartner as concessionfor seaport services and that of the publicas maintenance of the leading infrastructure, aquatory and navigation facilities and downw ard expansion of the leading infrastructure and aquatory.  
Indicative value  1,000,000,000 leva 
Appropriate PPP models Establishment of joint-venture company 



Административна сграда Община Бургас


Presentationof the project  The project envisages the design and construction of administrative building for territorial directorate (TD) Vazrazhdane in Meden Rudnik residence complex for improving the provision of services to citizens in a contemporary environment and appropriate premises, complying with the changing requirements towards the quality of administrative services and establishing favourable conditions for the implementation of the functions of the municipal administration. The building is designed as a three-floor construct with basement and has the following composition:
• basement - guarded underground parking lot for 59 cars, steam-boiler area, bathroom, toilet and kitchen areas, storage area, installation rooms and main electric board room;
• ground floor - four major zones, each with a separate entry, internal communication connections and assured access to physically disadvantaged people, including: front office, tax office, municipal council reception, multifunctional room with 150 - 180 seating places, coffee bar with about 50 seats and possibility for open-air catering, ceremonial complex;
• first floor - the main administrative floor to accommodate the offices of the TD Director, Chief Infrastructure and Construction Expert, technical section, educational department, directorate Public Order and Safety, as well as video surveillance and rest rooms, technical and finance archives rooms, stationery storage area, cleaning staff office and two terraces with planted vegetation - eastern and western;
• second floor - consists of 14 working rooms, presentation hall for business purposes, installation room with direct exit onto the roof, where there is a roof terrace with planted vegetation.
The transport access to the building will be secured though the two surrounding
streets, one of which coincides with part of the route of a trolleybus line.
In addition, there will be two ground parking lots, containing 20 places each
along the two streets.
Further information The tendering procedure for the design of the building is already completed. The conceptual design, based on detailed technical specifications and leave to design, is prepared.
Investment opportunities The investment opportunities under this project include the construction and maintenance of the two parking zones and planting of terraces with vegetation.
Indicative value  The determination of accurate project value requires the conduction of feasibilitystudy and investment project.
Appropriate PPP models Design and construction contractsFinance, build, operate and transfer contractsEstablishment of joint-venture company 



Presentationof the project  The project envisages the construction of a logistics complex for industrial goods and services and communal services and sports zone over a terrain in the northern industrial zone. The complex surface area will be about 270 decares with the status of zoned industrial land (ZIL) and private municipal property. Plans also include the construction of parks, parking lots, shops >and social infrastructure for the benefit of those working in the area. The logistic advantages of the terrain will be further improved by the building of an overpass over the cargo station railway tracks, securing access to the business zone situated 2 kilometres away at the entry-exit point of Burgas-Sofia, which is also the beginning of Trakia Motorway, and will thus further facilitate the access to Burgas Airport and the big sea resorts to the north of the city. The building of a modern industrial zone on the territory of Burgas Municipality is among the priorities of the municipal administration. Therefore Burgas Municipality applied and was among the selected municipalities for funding from PHARE projects BG2005/017-586.04.01 and BG2006/018-343.10.03 Industrial Zones Development. Under the latter were prepared technical and investment designs for the construction of the leading infrastructure and local lane to the planed construction of the industrial terrain.
Further information By virtue of Decision N8 of 15.12.2006 the Municipal Council approved the street regulation plan (SRP) while the detailed site development plan (DSDP) is currently under preparation.Construction and installation works under the project are planned towards the building of a local lane to Kraiezerna street along the southern border of the terrain. Plans further envisage: water supply and sewerage (WSS) tracing and pipe laying, cable line tracing and pole installation, street lightening and electric boards, canal network tracing, pipe laying and shaft installation, road track tracing, pavement laying and construction of parking lots and sidewalks. The project plans the installation of street lightening, including the lying of the necessary number of lead cables and cassettes. Burgas Municipality has signed a preliminary contract with EVN Bulgaria for the incorporation of consumer sites within the electricity distribution network of EVN Bulgaria Elektrorazpredelenie AD and provision of street lightening for the local lane to Kraiezerna street. For the assurance of the required supply of the future production sites with drinking and industrial water and their proposed activities, the laying of street
water conduits, linked to the urban water supply network and quota secured, is planned along the track of local lane. That is also where the street sewerage, linked to the urban water supply network and the town's waste water treatment plant (WWTP), will be laid. In accordance with the northern industrial zone gasification schedule, the construction of a street gas conduit in accordance with the legislation has been designed.
Investment opportunities The terrain is municipal property. Burgas Municipality is searching for partners in order to develop engineering infrastructure of the industrial zone and further management.
Indicative value  The determination of accurate project value requires the conduction of feasibility study and investment project. The expected project value is around 20 millions leva.
Appropriate PPP models Establishment of joint-venture company.



Високотехнологичен парк


Presentationof the project  The project envisages the construction of a high-technology production and community services zone over a terrain of 110,000 m2 belonging to the town of Bulgarovo, in the Vaya-Kayryak area at 20 kilometres away from the centre of Burgas, and consists of the construction of high-technology and environment- friendly productions on 13 separate zoned lands (ZLs), of which one for provision of community services, another for canal pumping station and 11 for high-technology productions. The transport communication between the zone, seaport and airport will be carried out by means of a well-developed rail and road network.
Further information In view of the very high estimate of the available local capacity, it has been planned to incorporate the latter into the commencement of the new technology productions, which will be based on cooperation between science, production and technology.
Investment opportunities The terrain belongs to the municipality. The construction sites, offered to investors, will be at preferential prices while the public infrastructure will be built by the municipality.
Indicative value The determination of accurate project value requires the conduction of feasibility study and investment project.
Appropriate PPP models  Design-build contractFinance-build-operate-transfer contract 





Presentationof the project 

The municipality intends to review the current local parking regulations and amend them significantly in order to introduce parking payment machines and facilitate control reinforcement at entry. The introduction of SMS- and ticket-payable parking in specified zones is also in the municipality’s interest. The use of wheel clamps, to be removed upon the payment of a fine, as well as the expansion of the activity of tow-away trucks and designation of parking violators compound around the stadium have further been planned as tools against parking violation. Parking areas, assigned specifically for heavy-goods trucks in the vicinity of the seaport and the industrial zone, are also envisaged.

Burgas will benefit from the introduction of information boards about the realtime parking conditions, situated at main entrance roads to the city centre. Such a parking information system will inform those going to work about free parking places on or away from streets. The system will be introduced after the launch of “blue zone” parking.

Further information

There are intentions to set up a call centre, including a parking control centre, which will enable the municipality to provide better service to parking users and exercise more effective control over the observation of regulations.

Investment opportunities

Currently no information about developed projects or designs is available.

Indicative value

The determination of accurate project value requires the conduction of feasibility study and investment project.

Appropriate PPP models

Management contract

Operation contract

Lease contract 




Presentationof the project  The municipality has initiated a project for the construction of a pedestrian passage from Aleksandrovska street to The Free University, which will also include the building of a new subway. Currently just the concept design, but not the working design, is ready, which envisages the construction of a certain sector of the track – from the train station to Troikata square, with funding from Operational Programme Regional Development. The remaining part of the project envisages the construction of a subway and a parking place, the evaluation of which is yet to be carried out in order to calculate the investment amount and decide whether to put forward a proposal for the establishment of concession.
Investment opportunities Construction of subway and parking place, the evaluation of which is yet to be carried out in order to determine, on the basis of the calculated amount, whether to put forward a proposal for the establishment of concession.
Indicative value The determination of accurate project value requires the conduction of feasibility study and investment project.
Appropriate PPP models Design-build contract
Finance-build-operate-transfer contract



Надлез х-л Мираж
Presentationof the project  The project envisages the construction of passenger bridge, measuring 85 meters in length. A lift and passenger staircase will also be built. The major projectactivities will include:
• conduction of study and technical design;
• construction of foundation and infrastructure;
• construction of metal structure with staircase for passengers;
• construction of lift, equipped for people with disabilities;
• construction of facade and lightening system of the pedestrian zone;
• construction of new infrastructure;
• falling barrier.  
Further information The site will be situated at one of the busiest junctures near the Mirage hotel in Burgas. 
Indicative value  720,000 leva.
Appropriate PPP models Design-build contract.
Finance-build-operate-transfer contract.

Presentationof the project  The project envisages the concession of bus stop management in the town of Burgas. The number of bus stops is 203, located on land – pedestrian areas or parts of municipal streets and roads, which is municipal public property, with concession of the right to and assuming of the obligation for operation through construction of bus stops sites as elements of the urban facilities and entitlement to the right for carrying out promotional activity in the form of placing advertisement and information materials on site.
The implementation of the project will benefit urban development on the one hand through the realisation of contemporary spatial, volumetric and communication organisation of the territory and, on the other, through increasing the number of clients and commercial entities by the promotion of their businesses and increasing their financial turnover.
Further information The replacement of the city lightening system is planned for a period of 12 months with the provision that no new bus stops will be built during the concession period.
Investment opportunities The economic dimensions of the benefit, the distribution of which is part of the concession terms, are related most of all to the sites’ functions towards the satisfaction of public needs. The latter will be actually manifested in the form of promotional activity carried out by the concessioner. A determining condition for the realisation of income from the execution of such activity on site will be the attractiveness and functionality of the advertising and promotional materials, located in places with high passenger concentration. The concessioner’s income from the exploitation of the concession sites –bus stops, through the execution of promotional activity will be formed from promotional materials of the “Rocket” type.
Indicative value 1,784,400 leva
Appropriate PPP models Concession