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Presentationof the project  500 students will study and train in the school, which will be equipped with 20 class rooms, 4 cabinets with adjacent storage rooms, a music and a drawingroom, canteen and sports sector. A swimming pool, sports halls, fitness roomand racing track are also included in the design. 
The sports school territory will be appropriately planted with vegetation - within the courtyard and along the periphery of the terrain, as well as on the flat roof with a view to creating a rest zone. Two toilets for disabled people
have also been planned. The dormitory, equipped with its own entrance, will be situated in the northwest part of the terrain. It will contain 36 rooms with separate bathrooms and two studios. According to the design, there will also be 4 kitchens and 4 self-study reading rooms. 
Further information The concept design, based on preset parameters by the municipality, for the construction of the school in Meden Rudnik residence district has been prepared.
Car access to the buildings will be possible through the enclosing north and west streets where 32 ground parking places - north, and 18 - south, will be built.
Investment opportunities • construction of swimming pool
• construction of sports halls
• construction of open-air sports area
Indicative value  The determination of accurate project value requires the conduction of feasibility study and investment project. 
Appropriate PPP models Design and construction contractsFinance, build, operate and transfer contracts 



Presentationof the project  Among the priority project ideas for the establishment of public-privatepartnerships in the education sector are three schools in Meden Rudnik and Slaveykov residence districts and one kindergarten, all equipped with swimmingpools, which are currently unused because of the high maintenancecosts. All buildings have sports halls and facilities while one of the schools alsohas a theatre hall, which can be used for conferences. A possible idea for theestablishment of partnership is connected with the installation of photovoltaicpanels on the roofs of school buildings. 
Further information The Vocational School of Electrical Engineering of Burgas is one of only three in Bulgaria to teach the subject "Renewable energy sources". The school has a large slope roof for which the school Director has expressed a wish for the installation of block panels. The municipal capital programme has assigned 250,000 leva for the repair of the slope roofs of three schools.
Investment opportunities Installation of photovoltaic panels on school rooftops on the municipal territory. 
Indicative value  The determination of accurate project value requires the conduction of feasibility study and investment project. 
Appropriate PPP models Design-build contractFinance-build-operate-transfer contract 



Presentationof the project  The project includes the construction of kindergarten premises as follows: fulltime kindergarten in Banevo district, combined childcare centre in Meden Rudnik residence district and combined childcare centre in Bratya Miladinovi complex. The project for the constructionof full-time kindergarten in Banevo complex is under contract 92-0-59/25.06.2009, according to which the kindergartenpremises is situated in the southern part of zoned property (ZP) aiming at the maximum preservation ofthe existing trees and covered sports terrain. The site will comprise of administrative unit (Unit A), including also sports and music hall, canteen, washing and heating areas, study rooms and kindergarten groups (Units B and C), while the playing playgrounds will be immediately next to the kindergarten groups. The Combined Childcare Centre 13 "Nadezhda" in the residence district of Meden Rudnik will comprise of three separate units: unit A, including 4 nursery groups and canteen, Unit B - sports and music hall and 4 kindergarten groups, specialized study rooms and washing room, and Unit C - 4 kindergarten groups and heating area. The Combined Childcare Centre 6 will be located in the complex of Bratya Miladinovi and will comprise of 1 basement and 2 floors for 4 children groups. The premises will also include a playground and green area. The technical and investment project has already been prepared. 
Indicative value  The determination of accurate project value requires the conduction of feasibilitystudy and investment project.
Appropriate PPP models Design-build contract;Finance-build-operate-transfer contract.