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Social works



Presentationof the project  Modernisation of the WSS services in Burgas Municipality 
Further information In order to provide qualitative social services, Burgas Municipality is searching for partners for the development
of the following priority projects:
• Daily centre for people suffering from Alzheimer's disease and senile dementia - site, intended for construction in partnership with the private sector;
• Daily centre for disabled children, planned for construction on a municipally owned terrain of 202 m2 near the Burgas Mineral Baths;
• Old people's home with bedridden patients' unit - expected design over municipally owned terrain in Izgrev regional park measuring 72,052 m2.
Indicative value  The determination of accurate project value requires the conduction of feasibility study and investment project. 
Appropriate PPP models Design-build contract
Finance-build-operate-transfer contract