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Presentationof the project  Burgas Municipalityis ready with the investment plan forthe construction ofa swimming andsports complex inSlaveykov residencedistrict. The terrainis municipal property,located in the immediate vicinityof Izgrev regionalpark. In accordancewith the currentzoning and development plan (ZDP) the service street, providing direct accessto Struga street and connection to direction South, is planned for constructionto the south of the terrain. 
Further information The organisational structure of the public-private partnership will be a newly established
joint-stock company. According to plans the municipality will participate
through the right to the construction and operation of the designed complex
while the private investor - with capital for the construction and operation
of the project for the duration of the public-private partnership. 
Investment opportunities The location of the site creates favourable conditions for its optimum utilisation
for the construction of a modern swimming sports centre. The surface and
configuration of the terrain are beneficial to the building of:
• covered and open olympic-dimensions pools with modular extension for
subdivision into smaller pools and children's pool;
• training rooms with adjacent service areas and rooms;
• spa and fitness rehabilitation centre;
• catering café zone;
• commercial centre with sports and other goods;
• building of open-air rest areas;
• administrative area with exhibition and conference halls;
• food establishments, trade shops and sports hotel;
• bowling hall;
• hotel;
• under- and aboveground parking lots with leading infrastructure, compliant
with the site's main function and connected with the adjacent road
Indicative value  27,000,000 leva
Appropriate PPP models Design-build contract
Fund-build-operate-transfer contract


Presentationof the project  The project envisages the construction of contemporary attraction centre for sports and entertainment through the reconstruction of a zone of 140 decares situated around Chernomoretz Stadium.Shopping centres, parking zones and sports halls will be constructed under and around the stadium. In the eastern part there will be hotels and office buildings, while in the western - a multifunctional covered sports hall.The project is designed as co-property (50/50) of the municipality and the investor company, who will be assigned with the design of the sports area, to include, according to feasibility studies, a stadium for 40,000 people.The project also includes the construction of business and shopping centre with adjacent parking, office and residence areas. 
Further information Regarding property rights, the municipality envisages retaining property over the sports facilities and renting property rights over the buildings and land underneath to private investors to participate in the project. According to plans 50% of the property over the stadium will be retained by the municipality.
Currently the site concept design has been completed and work for the development design of the separate buildings has commenced with the engagement of the municipality with the building of the public infrastructure. A separate tender for design concept of each building within the sports complex will be launched. 
Investment opportunities • construction of modern stadium;
• construction of shopping centre around the stadium;
• construction of parking zones and sports halls;
• construction of hotel, office, kindergarten and nursery school, medical establishment, etc. buildings;
• construction of business and shopping centre including parking zone, offices and residence area. 
Indicative value  600,000,000 leva
Appropriate PPP models Finance-build-operate-transfer contracts
Joint-venture company