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Deputy Mayor of Burgas Reads Lectures in Prestigious International Forum

Wednesday, 19 May 2010
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Atanaska Nikolova - deputy mayor of EU Integration and Ecology at the municipality of Burgas is a participant in the sixth European conference, dedicated to sustainable urban development.

The prestigious international forum has been held in France from the 19th to the 21st of May. It's organized by ICLEI, member of which is the Municipality of Burgas.

Atanaska Nikolova was chosen among representatives of over 200 cities and municipalities to take part in the forum with two presentations.

On the 19th of May she will take part in the panel "Renewable Energy Sources" to present the experience of the Municipality of Burgas in this sphere and the developed Local Energy Plan. Within this session options for decreasing of mineral resources and better utilization of renewable resources will be discussed.

On the 20th of May within "Co-operation in the field of eco-effective and flexible urban infrastructure" panel Atanaska Nikolova will present the experience of the Municipality of Burgas in the field of PPP in the water and energy utilities.

During the forum figures from the Committee of Regions, mayors and other supreme figures will take part with presentations, speeches and discussions.

During the forum mayors will discuss and unite around a political declaration, that will be sent to all international institutions, whose mission is to fight against climate change. This declaration will lay the foundations of further discussions on climate change in Mexico and World Ecology Forum in Brazil in the year 2012.