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New pavements, gardens and benches with the municipal programme for PPP

Thursday, 10 February 2011
Автор: Admin


Citizens of Burgas are more and more attracted by the Programme for Public- private partnership. For 2010, 18 projects have been approved and implemented.
PPP programme is open all year and it finances mainly activities for reconstruction, planting, maintenance. This includes repair of pavements, playgrounds, gardens, building fences and ramps for access to the entrances of buildings.
Projects finances via this PPP programme are 75% financed by the Municipality and the remaining 25% co-financed by individuals and legal entities, endowments and others. The maximum value of each of the projects can be up to 10 000 leva.
To apply for the program, citizens need to establish an association and declare their willingness to participate in the programme at the Municipal Agency for Privatization and PPP, which is located on Cont Androvanti St., 1-3, 3rd floor /against former "Narmag"/.