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18 Projects to Be Completed by the End of 2010 through the PPP Programme of the Municipality of Burgas

Thursday, 05 August 2010
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Mayor Dimitar Nikolov checked personally how the activities in the Municipality's program for public-private partnership for small projects is running. Since the beginning of the year, when the program was approved, 18 projects to the total value of BGN 120 000 were implemented.

Four of them have been already completed. Fully reconstructed are the pavements in "Radost" Kindergarten and along "Gladstone" St., renovation of the playground of kindergarten "Detelina" and the front area of block 64 in "Slaveykov".

The remaining 14 projects to be implemented this year include the development of space around bl. 15 in "Lazur" and bl. 16 and 70 in the "Slaveykov", and placing the flower gardens along Tsar Simeon I St.

The site next to block 75 in "Lazur" is also near completion. The owners of this block are included in the PPP programme as the first registered following the new law of condominium management.

The area around childcare institutions in most residential complexes will also be reconstructed. In "Izgrev" started the repair of pavement and railings in kindergarten "Zdravets" and the playground and sandpit in kindergarten № 30 and pavement areas in Kindergarten "Veselushko".

In "Slaveykov" the yard of kindergarten "Detelina" and benches and playground in kindergarten "Moryache" have been renovated. In "Meden Rudnik" will be repaired the pavements and sandpit in kindergarten "Slaveyche" and a playground in "Naiden Gerov" school as well as the pavement in "Radost" kindergarten will be repaired.

The other three projects for 2010 will be implemented in the constituent villages of Burgas- repair of sidewalks and renovation of the park in the village of Bryastovets and rehabilitation of the public park in the city Bulgarovo.

The program is unlimited and is primarily aimed at implementation of development activities - repairs of sidewalks, playgrounds, fences and landscaping activities and maintenance of inter-neighborhood areas and approaches to individual properties in the municipality of Burgas.

Projects finances via this PPP programme are 75% financed by the Municipality and the remaining 25% co-financed by individuals and legal entities, endowments and others. The maximum value of each of the projects can be up to 10 000 leva.

The start of the programme dates back from 2008 when the Mayor of Burgas Dimitar Nikolov signed the first 10 financing agreements for implementation of small development projects. From this year the implementation of projects increased and they are the Programme is carried out by the Municipal agency for public-private partnerships and privatization.

To apply for the program, citizens need to establish an association and declare their willingness to participate in the programme at the Municipal Agency for Privatization and PPP, which is located on Cont Androvanti St., 1-3, 3rd floor /against former "Narmag"/.